Lucas Zavala



I study competition in global value chains: how we measure it, how it is shaped by policy, and how it shapes the lives of firms and individuals in emerging economies.

I am a Postdoctoral Fellow in the International Economics Section at Princeton University. In 2022, I will join the World Bank’s Department of Impact Evaluation as an Economist. I received my PhD from Yale University.

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Engaging with policymakers is at the heart of my research. I partner with government agencies and international organizations to ask policy-relevant questions and share the answers I find.

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Today’s students should be fluent with data, comfortable with theory, and excellent at communicating. I helped develop and teach a course at the School of Management that promotes these goals through data-driven case studies of real-world economic issues.

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The best way to improve our research community is to help it grow larger and more diverse. That’s why I have directed programs that mentor dozens of students each year, both at Yale and abroad.

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