Decision Making with Data

Yale School of Management, 2019-2021

We designed this course to give students a chance to use statistics in real-world settings. Each week, we give them a case study asking an open-ended question within a particular industry. Using real-world data and the statistical tools they learned in core courses, they work in teams to design an answer and present it to a potential client. In addition to reviewing key theoretical concepts such as OLS regression, we teach students practical skills such as statistical programming and data visualization.

Together with my advisor, Peter Schott, I have developed this course over the past three years, creating a new case study each year, lectures on statistical programming in R, and a practical guide to data analysis and visualization.

Course Website

Case: MeToo & Sexual Crimes

Uses data from the NYPD to investigate whether the MeToo movement led to more reporting of sexual crimes.

Case: Common Ownership of Airlines

Uses data on airlines and institutional investors to see if mergers between hedge funds increase ticket prices.

Case: BLM & Minority Businesses

Uses data from Instagram to examine how recent protests impacted engagement with minority-owned businesses.