Policy & Outreach

Policy is at the heart of my work. I have partnered with the Ecuadorian government and the World Bank to answer policy-relevant questions with administrative data from millions of firms and individuals. In the process, I have published shorter studies for policy audiences. I have traveled to Ecuador and Chile to conduct field research, present findings, and lead data science workshops for practitioners.

Press Article

Impact of the Pacific Alliance Agreement on the Competitiveness of Ecuadorian Firms

I was commissioned to write a chapter for the World Bank’s Ecuador Trade and Investment Competitiveness Report, 2019.

Export Promotion and Firm Entry into and Survival in Export Markets

I coauthored a background paper with Daniel Lederman and Marcelo Olarreaga for the World Bank’s report on Latin American Entrepreneurs, 2014. Later published in Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 2016.

Data Science Workshop for Policy Professionals

I created and taught a week-long workshop for analyzing tax records in R at the Center for Fiscal Studies at the Ecuadorian Tax Authority in Quito.